Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A few days ago a self righteous crusader gained national attention as he gave up food until the government bowed down and accepted his demands. The internet class flaunted their social networking muscles as they supported the cause. Soon, with a little assistance from the pristine & godly media the nation was in frenzy. The country seemed to be on the verge of a revolution.

In one of the gullies, a group of 4 revolutionaries are on their way to the local hub of revolution which is adorned by bright lights and attended by few emissaries of the lord himself with their powerful machines capturing each and every event to be telecast as “Breaking News” the modern day version of “Akashwani” in between commercials ranging from alcohols camouflaged as music cds to fairness creams promising a bleach for your melanin rich leather.

It’s almost dinner time as the revolutionaries pace up towards the prime time jamboree. This being a customized revolution, the timings are tailored to suit the working hours of the revolutionaries. History is unraveling here. The first revolutionary opens his mouth “Just downloaded the draft of the bill, will forward it to you guys tomorrow. By the way also got the latest chartbusters from songs.pakistan, let me know who is interested will attach them along too.” The second revolutionary blurts “Not me for sure, nowadays they track my data usage after I downloaded a gb of porn using the wireless internet my office provides me” The third revolutionary “how am I looking? I am sporting this new khadi look it would look cool if they question me on cam. See this, my new baby, it is 12 mega pixels. Got to click lots of stuff today and put up on my social networking page. My image has fallen since the time they discovered my project presentation was plagiarized”

The fourth revolutionary, a relatively older male yells “Will you stop all this nonsense? Do you understand the gravity of the situation? An old man is hungry for us. He is fighting the corrupt for a better society. These corrupt need to be fed to dogs. Introspect and see how much of corruption you yourself indulge in.” the other three are silent, suddenly the older revolutionary’s cell phone rings “Hello, ya, ya, no I want the front facing else let it be will find another one. Ok, ok, hmm fine how much 40 – 60 ? Ok. No not possible in this week, will meet in the next. Yes sure, you have my token already. Yes. Ok, thank you hahaha, chalo there’s lot of noise here will call you tomorrow. And thank you so much, good night”.

The group of revolutionaries joins a bigger group as the gully meets the main road. One of the many asks his comrade in hushed voice “Did you view one of the God’s telecast airing corruption charges on the crusader himself and on his team mates in the committee?” The comrade replies “Shh, its ok, it’s just a paltry amount and let law take its own course, those could be mere allegations, not proven yet except in the crusader’s case” “But wasn’t that the same thing the government was repeating and the crusader disposing in the case of ministers?” the first one asks. “Now shut up and just enjoy” the comrade replies. A loud cry pierces the noise “Inquilab zindabad”

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poet's class

Lo here I sit
below a sufi fan
who whispers the hymns
those soothe
a sweating man.

Rebels electrocuted
crucified & hung
Yet within the dark
empire they stung

A silent black board
often abused at will
Most learned of them all
yet it stands still.

Thoughts hammered,punctured
And beaten black and blue
Papyrus pen their hammer
and the table their anvil

Dogmas doors and windows
guards to bumpy inroads
Dwarf chairs enslaved
to bear shifting loads

Ah yes, then there are
the learned pupils and teachers
But I am a poet
I ogle at live creatures

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fatal Flaws

My limited knowledge on this issue:
In 1984 Union Carbide , a multinational , one amongst the few that existed on Indian soil then, to maximize its earnings compromised on the regulations meant to ensure safety of the people in the vicinity. Considering the systems which were prevalent then (not that much has changed now) it must have been cakewalk for the management of Union Carbide to “buy out” the machinery to ignore the lapses in the mandatory safety standards to be maintained by companies which deal with such toxic materials. Also “managing” the disaster wasn't a tough job after the accident took place with every opportunist in the government machinery utilizing the fiasco to his/her benefit as the esteemed guilty buttered the system to ensure a smooth exit.

The onus:
The corrupt executive machinery of the government , thick skinned politicians and even the judiciary is to be blamed for this mess as much as the villainous management of Union Carbide.

Everyone knows this , probably more than I do, and is evident across newspapers and various channels on the idiot box so why is the blog space being lent for something that has been chewed so many times since the verdict was out?

The media:
Media, one of the pillars of democracy. It's power has been evident in cases like Jesica lal and Ruchika. Now the correctness of the power that they possess, unleash and its implications in a democratic system is another topic of discussion altogether; however why did the media not raise this issue all these years. Even considering that the revolution in the tele media occurred much later , the print media didn't leverage the matter either. Post the revolution in the tele media how many times has this issue been raised with so much thrust as it is being now? Even considering that the verdict was awaited, how many times was the issue given footage on the basis of the disgusting delay in delivery of justice. Also it will be interesting to note for how many days the issue stays alive as live bytes because, here there wont be any instant justice like in the relatively simple cases with clear deliverables indicating victory. The case is a complex one and needs taking on the ENTIRE system head on and the deliverables here are not simple but may come in all shapes and sizes from amending legislation to prevent further Bhopals to ensuring heavy penalties on the people held responsible and providing heavy compensations to the victims and their kin. Moreover here there is no singular face for the “bad guys” which will make an 'engrossing' telecast. Even if certain faces are short listed it is difficult legally to take them to task. Lets hope the list of opportunists doesn't swell by one more and the issue is taken to its logical end.

The future:
With technologies like nuclear power generation visible in near future and multinationals and global forces an integral part of the country's development plan a question will soon weigh more than before Do we beg for development or are we confident to choose development?

< Sorry for the fortnight's delay in returning from hibernation,was nursing a sick relative, will post regularly on all the three blogs, keep a tab>

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sorry cronies couldn’t churn up stuff anywhere recently as am hibernating. The chances of an article turning up before May look thin. I will make up for the Feb-March promises in May.
Well recently someone starred at me with awestruck eyes when I told them about my hibernation endeavor. My Hibernation generally coincides with an examination, vacation or some equally important venture. Well a few years ago too a couple of mates have wholesomely appreciated my effort of seclusion so will leave you fellows with tips on good hibernation schedule till I return in May with my ramblings and a surprise!!!

Let us define hibernation. Hibernation is a period dedicated to the introduction of the estranged self to the soul. We have thoughts and the collection of these thoughts over a period of time becomes “Me” or “I” i.e. the projected identification of one’s self in one’s mind. Let me simplify with the example. Sometimes in the bed as we browse through the occurrences of the day both pleasant and unpleasant, we see ourselves along with the others. Based on the pleasure or pain coefficient of the incidence we either are happy with “ourselves”, sad with “ourselves”, angry at “ourselves”. As students when we schedule our studies or as executives when we schedule our work before an audit /deadline or exam, we are aware of “our” capacity to stick to schedule. This “ourselves” or “our” is the “Me” or “I” that I was referring to earlier.

The collection of thoughts that make this “Me” or “I” is nothing but the collection of reactions, responses, opinions, advices and gyan pumped in through various channels by various individuals. Thus the original simple “Me” or “I” (remember your childhood) becomes a complex, corrupted “Me” or “I”. Just like a clean window pane is necessary to enjoy the scenic pleasures of nature, a clean “Me” or “I” is necessary to enjoy the pleasures of life. Disconnecting from the sources of corruption helps one erase the marshy chunks of thoughts and landmarks in the memory lanes which source them, thus rejuvenating the soul. A hibernation of sufficient duration also may help tune perspectives afresh and drain negativity clogged over the period. Negativity is relative.

Here’s how to implement a good hibernation.

Disconnect from the circuit: Switch off your cell phones, telephones, messengers, computers and all the communication devices at your disposal.

Implement without informing: Decision to inform each and every person on your communication list puts the venture into jeopardy. Do it the moment you decide. May be send a group mail or message but don’t wait for the reply.

Put your concerns at the back burner: Drop your apprehensions about that file with your colleague, that submission which was due or whatsoever. These things are to be concealed pre hibernation during the planning phase. Hibernation should be irreversible otherwise it becomes a vacation and doesn’t rejuvenate your soul.

Keep contact with the people to the minimum.

See the world during time slots which you haven’t seen lately, like taking a stroll in the afternoon.Travelling across the city early in the morning or late at night. It helps you get rid of the “used to” images of the things around and helps you develop a fresh perspective.

Take a look at the world from different views, well, literally. Go to the terraces of buildings. Watch the roads from flyovers or skywalks. Sit below a tree and sip nice tangy cold drink. Buy confectionaries of different flavors and relish them slowly.

Buy comics which you cherished in your childhood and read them, slowly, a page at a time, at a pace which allows you to enjoy them. Do some gardening or maintain that fish tank that’s been lying on the loft since ages.

Buy a yoyo or a bonky ball and play alone with it. Locate a pup in your locality and feed it with milk and biscuits, play with it. Draw sketches on books and paint them. Watch afternoon shows and cartoon films. Just loathe around. Buy fruits from the guava vendor outside the schools with salt and spice rubbed on to it (Don’t know the name of the fruit, but the one along with the picture for this article is my favorite)

All this makes you forget “yourself”. Something what a good sleep does to you. Now rewrite the definitions and perceptions or just log back in to the nonsense.

Happy Hibernating!! See you guys in May.

P.S When you are in love, develop a communication channel exclusively for that special person, an alternate number, a different mail id etc. ….ahem.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Consider a region occupied by 300 citizens. Hundred and fifty do not vote. Out of the remaining 150, votes are divided amongst five representative candidates at an average of 30 votes per candidate. Some candidates get 25 while the some get 35. The one with 38 wins. The remaining hundred and twelve do not want this candidate in power yet he wins.
38 is a majority in 300.

Two hundred and seventy three seats to claim rule. Mostly coalition chemistry presides. “Plump Ministries” is what the negotiations take over. (I could be wrong, may be the parties are interested in certain portfolios because they know their candidates are best suited for the job because of their qualifications,expertise,experience,etc. hahahaha...ahem )

On the way to become one of the largest economies on the globe. A 2007 report found that 77%, or 836 million people, lived on less than 20 rupees. Ten crore is the number of people unemployed. Let’s put ourselves in a perspective. Out of hundred crores only two crores are those whom you see swiping cards, starching collars, wearing ties and polishing the illusion that we are competing all the west and are almost there.

Hatred is common and eager. With the same intensity it stings people from rival part of the states, rival states, rival ethnicities, and rival philosophies. Also, it is generously showered on politicians, govt. employees and “system”. So many servings leave little for those anti national entities which truly deserve attention.

A neighborhood kid who was frail at a time looks like a muscular bully now. The muscular bully who always existed has become a global force to reckon with. Our two powerful allies have displayed their trustworthiness time and again. Are we in a position to choose?

Our Fundamental rights.( Read, introspect and think.)
All citizens shall have the right-
• To freedom of speech and expression;
• To assemble peaceably and without arms;
• To form associations or unions;
• To move freely throughout the territory of India;
• To reside and settle in any part of the territory of India;
• To practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business.
How many… (Do I need to complete my question?)

Am a common man, I have put forth my views, displayed “out of the box- cliché” thought process, my knowledge and a sense of disgust. I will now watch television, then have my lunch and take an afternoon nap on this welcome holiday. There are more like me, millions more, the Public from the word rePublic.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


‘What thou sow
So shalt thou reap’
Laws of divinity
Too loose their grip

Souls sweat and seeds
In earth’s bosom buried
I feed the nation
For food my kin worried.


Air is laden with tunes
And rhythm kisses mind
Emotions blossom pink
Intellect hooked unto mind

Feet rebel with poise
Hands join the grind
Hair let down with air
Melodic mesmerism unwinds