Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happiness Chronicles

A couple of days ago I bumped into a ‘vehemently simple’ girl. My mind traversed through time and took me to an era where bumping into such entities was an almost everyday phenomenon. These are the people who complicate their lives beyond compare in the pursuit of simplicity. Proclivity towards philosophy and sociology always ensured my presence in gatherings brimming with such entities. Lectures on Vedas, intricacies of Sanskrit, Indian freedom struggle and the psychology of freedom fighters, kautilya theories and numerous other such programs were frequented by me. Just like during my college days, here too I used to be a back bencher. Later on when I switched to psychology as a leisure pursuit a revelation occurred. People who feel neglected by the commune or destiny in the normal materialistic flow of life mingle with those who pursue these distinct passions ardently.
‘Vehemently Simple’ people are found wearing a khadi-kurta at the entrance of a seminar on “Stress Management in corporate culture” exposing every calcium anatomy existing in their oral cavity. Irrespective of their membership status in the conducting body’s hierarchy, these people somehow manage to get some emblem, like a badge which they prominently display to any and everyone. If the setup is a political rally, these ‘Vehemently Simple’ people can almost convince you that they are the next heir to the power throne. Kids, who during their school days register for captaincy, only to discover later that they garner just a single vote, that too their own, are susceptible to turn into ‘Vehemently Simple’ youth and later on graduate into ‘Vehemently Simple adults.’
However they achieve their ludicrous distinction in a spiritual set-up. Unfortunately sometimes you find such people at the dais and if you play the mascot for rotten luck, they are the speakers.
Their dictum in life is chuck desires for customary pleasures and derive pleasures out of simple things in life. They are obsessed with Happiness.
This is the archetype of 'True Lies'. Happiness does exist in the simpler things of life, but human being is a social animal and its core emotions are relative. It derives happiness from simpler things in its life span but becomes happy only when the derived happiness is discerned by fellow humans. The regular sources of happiness viz. seat in college, car, dream job, promotions and an ideal life partner will emanate happiness only when delivered amidst throng. Just imagine owning every possession on an isolated island. It won’t make you happy. So for normal beings happiness emerges from the perception of kibbutz's reaction. So the popular tools for generating the necessary perception i.e. the above mentioned materialistic pleasures are associated with happiness. And the simpler things in life too are not excluded by this psychological reality. For most of the saints nowadays, the awe with which people admire them becomes the major motivating factor for practicing an ascetic livelihood. The same monks if left in solitude would go nuts and won’t be able to meditate even for a fraction of a second.
Many individuals though, during the journey of time since origin, have successfully lost themselves into the realms of ecstasy in solitude. However under such scenario "ego" or the self identifying entity required to experience happiness/sorrow dissolves and such experiences fail to flirt with words and remain traceless in the realms of darkness which existed prior to the potent life enriching collision and will prevail post the mortal illustration, probably as the existent yet non-existent insignia of the ultimate truth. Any other pursuit for simplicity is just a camouflage for incompetence in the materialistic domain.

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arc said...

:D so in simple words ...HAPPINESS aint a state of mind....it needs company . hey i agree on that..but then there are ppl and there are ppl.....take ur choice with whom u wanna share / give / take or just ignore....