Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Specious Explosions

I do not believe in News. I deliberately maintain my distance from all the sources which bombard pieces of information irrelevant to me viz. Newspapers, News channels, News sites. I have my own little world a major part of it existing in the virtual domain. Bluntly speaking from the normal world’s perspective I am useless. ‘ The brown colored bitch delivered 2 healthy pups, one being white and the other of the same color as his mom’ my watchman tells me. This is the kind of news which interests me. A week is then spent observing dogs in my vicinity which have brown or white in their coat. My intellect is satisfied when I finally discover the father of those pups. I compliment discussions on terrorism and blasts with yawns which last for almost 8 seconds. I hardly travel and even if I do, public transport is rarely my mode of choice. I am bad with dates and locations. But my ears are not provided with a regulator which filters the stuff banging against my eardrums, and at the end of the day somehow substantial information gets registered in my brain. I do watch television a lot and while switching channels too bytes which generally wouldn’t be my preference seep into my system. My parents though are responsible & enlightened citizens, they have an opinion and solution on every terrorist attack happening and so does my auto rickshaw driver, my friends, and people in my vicinity. I am too naive for these things. The other day I was switching channels and some bytes on an explosion in Pakistan encroached my system. Prior to it blasts in our country had.

This phenomenon devours human life. Every life lost devastates around 10 lives associated with it apart from a sense of insecurity it instills in several human beings. Human being is after all a social animal. So what could be the reason which prompts indulgence in such self devastating acts? Well the causes can broadly be classified into 3 types.

Psychological- A suicide bomber is motivated to give up his existence. Remuneration cannot be the sole reason because lately it has been observed that people involved in such acts come from diverse social and financial backgrounds and are not necessarily impoverished and suppressed. A thought process or a philosophy is very important for such high levels of dedication. Four types of individuals get attracted towards any philosophy for that matter.
The foremost are the distressed. However they lack the intelligence and dedication to conduct such operations. Hence they do play a role in the machinery which delivers terror but play a trivial role. To deal with these people, we need to show empathy towards them, create good employment opportunities in regions where they exist in abundance and spread love. It sounds cliché but it’s the only option we have. Because the fragments of metals resulting out of a high powered explosive detonation pierce the ego as well as the skin of the smart self made executive , the epitome of chauvinism shopping at a mall with the confidence of winning the globe single handedly. Reduction to a helpless mass of meat, with a gloomy future if unfortunately alive, materializes in seconds.
The next in line are the intelligentsia- Such people are blessed with cranial material distinct from the rest. They understand that pleasures and joys are a part of an inherent program which is a result of consciousness and its popular half brother ‘the mind’ born from the illicit relation with social dogmas. This class is responsible for the planning, designing and execution of such terror spilling operations. In simpler words they find normal life too repetitive to participate in. These people are found in the top circuit and are easy to observe. Vigilance at the sources of philosophy which has devastation as crux could be a good solution to avoid their corruption.
The third in row are the curious- These people accidentally bump into such philosophical sources and then follow it blindly. Their penchant for experimentation puts them into trouble. Such psychological masterpieces can be easily diverted in the opposite direction as well. To ensure this, secure outposts for those who want to return back should be made available. Moreover their rehabilitation should be done tenderly and these people used to propagate anti devastation campaign. The fourth type show traits of characters found in all of the above.

Economical – One of the most prosperous trades and businesses on this planet deals with weapons. These are instruments which enable a nation with machismo. Civilization after going through multiple galvanizations has reached a stage where a direct war is unacceptable and very expensive. But human-kind, the mischievous kid of Mother Nature always keeps itself busy playing war games. Fear is prevalent and so every government is busy spending more than at least 1/5th of its budget in defense to take care of any worst case scenario if it may arise. Such explosions which occur now and then act as marketing campaigns for the ever prosperous defense industry. As the defense industry thrives, nations dependent directly or indirectly on it prosper. Prosperous nations are the largest buyers when it comes to oil. So those who export oil, indirectly prosper in the process. Every marketing campaign has a target audience. These are the emerging economies or those countries which can afford to buy .However to carry out such marketing campaigns a specific format of advertising is required which spreads terror & promotes the products. This begins in the impoverished areas where agents are recruited. For recruiting such agents the most important prerequisite is an ambience where peace is absent, communal tension is prevalent or addiction to drugs brings currency in demand thus forcing the youth towards radical subscriptions. Now all this may not be pre-planned but is ultimately an outcome of the current economic module. Now I am not an economist but my common sense tells me if substantial resources and efforts are poured into development of agro and industrial sectors in the deprived region of the globe a win- win situation for all would result. Research in the non conventional energy domain too will be handy.

Social- Utopia can never exist. Civilization is an illusionary entity which instills a false feeling of aloofness from the laws of the nature. Laws of the nature are ruthless and based on the existence of the fittest. Laws of civilization rather than incapacitating these laws of nature just mold them into predictive patterns. For these laws of civilization to work, a sense of warmth, security and belonging should prevail. The general practice is to gossip about the inferiority of the community or caste your friend belongs to once he turns his back with a friend belonging to the same commune as yours. This superficial secularist behavior should be scrapped. Fanaticism is a psychological disorder and not the flagship of a particular community. Also it should be engraved in the mind that personal advancement is as important as its social counterpart. Selfish agenda wont help. A small proportion of contribution towards social betterment like voting the right candidate, participating in a rural education program, running for peace marches, donations to the underprivileged , partaking in rallies with a social cause, promoting the participation in such activities. And most importantly LOUDLY terminating lunch time conversations which begin with “Ye log na ….” Putting forth the point that there is no “ye log” it’s just “Hum Log” globally.

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