Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tribute to my muse

Human psychology tends to undervalue everything that appears in abundance and is omnipresent. Probably the epitome of this disregard is words. Words are the representation of the perceived universe on papyrus. If Hindu mythology accredits the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh) for the design, sustainance and annihilation of the cosmos, words could easily be considered as their material insignia amongst us.

The moment a human offspring opens its eyes in this chaotic setup the birth is accepted by the territorial law only after words are filled in formatted documents authorizing its acceptance. It then plays unwillingly with trillions of words during its tenure as a student only to enter a jamboree, where currency acts as efforts in transit. For a prime part of its life time the human being toils either willingly or unwillingly for these pieces of green credentials with words printed on it depicting their worth. Social status is decided upon by the collection of these emblems of materialism. Marital alliances too begin with words of fondness amongst the participating partners followed with the words of authorization by the state government . When a human closes its eyes for the final time, authorizing words by the local medical practitioner ensure a proper disposal of the abode, where its soul once resided. The digital evolution gained momentum only after silky adaptation of the bits to words which started beaming out of cathode ray tubes, LEDs or other display sources, papyrus being replaced by magnetic space. But words never lost their supremacy.
Contours of nations, oceans, states, districts are decided by words. Killing of thousands of human beings is triggered through words. And Soul stirring spirituality which confirms that the world is an illusion is also propagated through words. Impossible tasks are achieved when inspiration is liquefied into experience and then preserved by casting it into words. Words act as fossils of time and trek through eras hauling the world deceived by time into the one being currently honored by time to be deceived later.

Words stir emotions,
words break hearts and words build relations,
Words are discernible thoughts and not just mere emblems of communication.
They are the crux of the creation.


maddy said...

dat was awesome!! nice concept

arc said...

hmmm..gimme all ur money...take my words ! :D . seems u can do without money n live on words !! :D...welll jokes apart..just without words...voice... :>

Anonymous said...

hmm.....nice one