Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ganpati bappa morya!!! Tomorrow the country’s favorite God will step down to grace and bless us all. The air will burn with enthusiasm and its intoxicating fumes will fill euphoria in our lungs. Some will grudge about the loud music encompassing the remotest corners of the locality, but most like me will enjoy the sense of liveliness. If banshees do exist they will probably die of fear (I mean what’s worst than dying, and what are they afraid of after all, they are already dead, if they do exist...).Those who love sweets will get an opportunity to consume loads of it and those who love illumination at night will find their localities resembling heavens. Nights wont be lonely , families will swamp the makeshift temples which will mushroom every where feeling an air of divinity in the atmosphere.
Even atheists have fallen in love with this God. He is an emblem of ideal living.
His big ears tell us listen more, His mouth hidden below His trunk indicates minimal speech. His big tummy is an indication of His devotees’ forgiven sins He has swollowed. And his small eyes advise us to observe closely. On a personal level this symbolism is perfect and everyone tries to follow it, or at least makes a resolution to follow it. Everyone has come across this elucidation of the lord’s physicality either through mails or a small lecture by some pujari. Frankly speaking these interpretations of lord’s physicality weren’t thought of by the writers of mythology. But some one, who meditated on the lord long enough, came up with these theories.
There should be a social symbolism too, which probably got overlooked, so I devised mine. Let me put some light on it. Four arms depict unity, the lotus in his hands depicts peace, the big laddoo depicts a “Sujalam Sufalam” nation, and the divine axe is a representation of power to be unleashed once the tolerance level is crossed by the social foes. The snake tied tightly around the stomach indicates the ultimate control of the governing system over factions spreading venomous ideologies within the society.
Didn’t want to sound cliché mentioning the impact on environment, depletion of resources, and commercialization of the festival and so on. Indulgence is every human's birth right. Nothing wrong about it. After all resources are meant to be consumed and there exist larger factors like automobile emissions to be kept a check on to conserve environmental balance. Indulge till your mind is saturated with indulgence ,but indulge together.
People are some how indifferent towards the feeling of social belonging. They fail to appreciate the importance of communal ethics. Probably that’s the reason we can see two to three gazebos erected within the distance of 100 meters. Each competing with the other on whose stereo system yells the loudest. Its here that the music goes offbeat. During such festivals logic is very expensive.
If you are a wanderer, in some of the schools or some of the impoverished localities you spot a small and a simple yet neatly decorated setup. Music is generally absent not because of environmental concerns but because of shortage of funds. Peace of mind is instantly imparted to the devotee. Lights do impart beauty to this setup but don’t blind you with their extravaganza, the focus remains glued on to the divine form given to the plaster. A raw ground nut and some sugarcoated sweet orbs are offered to you as His ‘Prasadam’.After consuming condensed milk prasadam at regular intervals, this combination somehow gets registered as a delicacy by the brain. Simplicity does reign supreme, but masses are always deprived of the supreme stuff in a society.
The lord who inscribed Vedanta must be amused to witness such a paradox


Rahul Parab said...

ganapati bappa MORYA .... ganapati bapa morya

arc said...

:D...bappa pavtil ho..!!! :D deva yala jastach buddhi diliye tune.:P