Wednesday, October 8, 2008


He mounted the arrow on His bow. He then raised it to his forehead and chanted mantras invoking the powers of Lord Brahma, the designer of the universe. The warrior who stood before Him was no ordinary warrior; he was the epitome of machismo, supremacy and knowledge. What differentiated His enemy from Him (in the current mortal incarnation) was His sense of logic and control; He wasn’t called the ‘Maryada Purshottam’ for nothing. The words translated into common man’s language mean the best man with His mind so stable that the cosmos would have used it to keep a track of change it was destined to undergo till eternity.
Lord Ram positioned his bow to fire. He took His graceful position and pulled back the string of His bow. Grace personified, every molecule of the cosmos was awe struck by him. Time lost its sense of tense. Ravana’s smile faded, not because of fear, people like him never feared, but out of respect. He recognized Ram, wanted to bow down and plead before Him, but the rules of the battle-field didn’t permit him to do so. Moreover he was one of the prominent characters of the divine play. How could he spoil the set up? He continued smiling. Lord Ram pulled back the string, His muscular arm pulled back, the string which even the strongest of the warriors in His army couldn’t pull, and He held it with his fingers gently, just like a kid delicately holds butterfly wings. The bow never looked elastic, but it magically bent forming an arc. When it was pulled enough for the range, the lord parted his fingers. The arrow propelled in the direction of the target it was fired at. The resonance of the string echoed through the cosmos, even in the vicinity where there was no medium for sound waves to traverse. Ravana’s eyes widened with the glow of aura surrounding the arrow. The metal pierced his belly button; this time he knew his time had come he fell on the ground, hands folded. He now recognized both Hanuman and Ram, the incarnation of the sustainer and annihilator.
Symbolically the divine saga unfolded a deep philosophy. Ram, a simple mortal reincarnation of Vishnu the sustainer and Hanuman, the reincarnation of Shiva the annihilator. The set up is such that a loud and clear message is delivered, that when a common man masters the philosophy of annihilation i.e. overcomes the bondages of attachment and understands that every thing must return to its root, he can take on against any super power, without any special prowess, if the cause is virtuous. Ram (sustainer who gave up his super powers and incarnated as a common man) was the master of Hanuman (annihilator incarnated). Ram’s army was made up of common beings too.
Ravana on the other hand was the epitome of knowledge, power and wealth. He was invincible and had also mastered the philosophy of annihilation. But he had a flaw. His 10 heads depicted a multi origin thought process. He had numerous thoughts and didn’t stick to one thus bypassing the basic law of Vedanta. Soon this led to an unethical action and his gigantic ego surfaced encompassing his logical mind. He gained multiple possessions but failed on the basics.

Kaliyuga arrived. Ravana once terminated resurfaced. This time he has hundred heads. He has learnt from the mistakes. He has one hundred heads but this time he adheres to one thought process, that none should be adhered to. His logical mind is ever vigilant. He has agents everywhere and now he employs common beings too. He intoxicates their systems with the same substance which intoxicates him. The central head of Apathy is crowned with a jeweled throne which the commoners have molded for him. He flashes a smile through all his faces which are lined up on either side of this head. Corruption smiles, terrorism laughs, human rights violation grin, lust smirks, greed beams, materialism and injustice wink, there are just too many, some not even named yet, and poor words are too powerless for their description. His face of apathy smiles cynically. After all this time he has mastered all his philosophies well. He has an army of commoners this time.
The lord has promised. Whenever there will be carnage of righteousness and burial of virtues I shall resurface. I shall resurface to protect the weak; I shall resurface to protect my devotees. He gracefully peeks at His creation. His presence for just a few milliseconds would set things right. Just the echo of the sound of His bow string, would hurtle the hordes of ravana's army. The set up is potent, but He can’t find his army of common men. Some do gracefully take the right posture; He looks at them with admiration, perfect fit to enroll into His horde, fearless, virtuous, eyes focused on the enemy, mind as robust as his arrow head, but alas… Ravana uses all his might to terminate them. He can’t use His divine intervention to guide them. It’s against the law of the battlefield. They have to form an army. The war has to be won by earthly rules. Before they can join forces, they are wiped off. Ravana targets their thought process, their ecosystem, and his agents make sure there are no loose ends. With souls pierced, their bodies succumb easily. He just cannot find His army, He knows His time to enter the setup is far away, because those He had pledged protection to don’t exist either.
Ravana offers Him his prayers. He accepts them with a smile. Ravana is ready to fight for the lord now to undo his sins he had committed centuries earlier. The ten headed demon wants to give up his life fighting the hundred headed one which exists. He hates the fact that both of them have same names. He cannot suppress his laughter when he sees the devotees of the hundred headed one burning his effigies. He is more virtuous than the hordes of the hundred headed one occupying the planet.


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good lord!!!.........u r great dude!!!

Vrushali said...

An article truly resonant and contemporarily linked by epitomising the prevailing agony has been expounded in a very elegant manner, which would leave anyone reading this article, contemplative.