Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nostalgic Logic

I was smoking my daily dose of nicotine after my lunch. For some unknown reason a chain of thoughts was trigerred. I generally hate emotional thoughts but somehow my life till date started playing on the canvas of my mind, in multicolor. The trend of showing flashbacks in black and white doesn’t apply in real life unless you are color blind. Probably nature was playing its part too. My computer’s audio media player selected a very popular song which was most apt for the moment. Probably after a nasal track from the early compositions of one of the famous singers (nowadays who has churned out marvelous numbers in his latest album) anything would have been apt to soothe my tingling ears. But this song did justice to the moment. It catalyzed the following thoughts which I penned down in a jiffy as I had to take care of some other high priority stuff in the evening. (The lyrics of the hindi poem i was listening to are posted at the end of the article.)
Those were the days when the most experienced individuals of our lives to whom we would turn for advice still wore shorts in public at evening time. They went to the secondary school while we to the primary. They had all the knowledge required to solve our problems. The most colossal of all the apprehensions would be an exam or an unsolved sum in the homework.
A person’s financial worth didn’t count, barter was prominent, and most of the trade was done on this ancient principal. A person with the maximum number of stickers would be the wealthiest. Those who owned bicycles were gods. Oh yes there were gods in their spiritual set up too, their popularity being directly proportional to the kind and quantity of sweets one got after praying to them.
Sins and virtues weren’t introduced yet. Attraction to the opposite gender was based on friendships and looks didn’t matter. The most ravishing of the damsels would prick their noses in the public and would kick around guys for their turns on the slides or see-saws. Those beauties didn’t take hours for make up and most of the times one could find their moms running behind them with their hair bands. If delivered with conviction it was believed that a secondary school student actually had contacts in the chief minister’s office and his / her dad ran the country, while the prime minister was just a pawn. Days ended at 9.00pm and 10.00 pm was midnight. Cheeks were used to kisses and pinching. Until much later when biology ruined the illusions (some still haven’t given them up though) every living and non living organism had a human name. They smiled and conversed. Butterflies and grass hoppers enjoyed status of pets. The death of an ant was mourned and fishes would enjoy a proper burial. Dark areas were haunted by ghosts and teachers were objects of mimicry. After the most serious of the fights , the warriors would end up with bruises at the most and because of poor memory remember the fact that they were enemies only after 2 3 hours of playing together the next day. Curses included excretory products rather than relations.
A 10 rupees worth tinkle or target magazine would make u feel at the top of the world. A free gift with toothpaste would ensure the existence of God. A trip to the beach just a few kilometers away thrilled you with the feelings of an overseas safari. A couple of friends made your world. Return of the friend from his/her native place after a fortnight post diwali vacations made you euphoric. No reasons were required for a celebration. Just seeing each other at evening time made the entire group so crazy that they yelled and yelled until someone shooed them away from the building. Hand made greetings were the gifts which would be cherished for months after the birthday. Smiles, giggles and laughter were very cheap and frown and worries very expensive.

Time passed by, the civilization came to an end. Happiness is very pricey now. Expensive possessions manage to spark a smile here and there before e.m.i s take their toll on peace of mind. Trust has shrunk its periphery to the very close ones.
Well yeah we have grown up and achieved this through painstaking efforts. This has to be the logical world. After all kids can’t be expected to deliver logic, can they??

Ye Daulat Bhii Le Lo, Ye Shoharat Bhii Le Lo
Bhale Chhiin Lo Mujhase Merii Javaanii
Magar Mujhako Lautaa Do Bachapan Kaa Saavan
Vo Kaagaz Kii Kashtii, Vo Baarish Kaa Paanii…….
Muhalle Kii Sabase Nishaanii PuraaniiVo Budhiyaa Jise Bachche Kahate The NaaniiVo Naanii Kii Baaton Mein Pariyon Kaa DeraaVo Chahare Kii Jhuriryon Mein Sadiyon Kaa PheraaBhulaae Nahiin Bhuul Sakataa Hai KoiVo Chhotii Sii Raaten Vo Lambii Kahaanii…………..

Kadii Dhuup Mein Apane Ghar Se NikalanaaVo Chidiyaa Vo Bulabul Vo Titalii PakadanaaVo Gudiyaa Kii Shaadii Mein Ladanaa JhagadanaaVo Jhuulon Se Giranaa Vo Gir Ke SambhalanaaVo Piital Ke Chhallon Ke Pyaare Se TohafeVo Tuutii Hui Chuudiyon Kii Nishaanii………..

Kabhii Ret Ke Unche Tiilon Pe Jaanaa
Gharaunde Banaanaa Banaake Mitaanaa
Vo Maasuum Chahat Kii Tasviir Apanii
Vo Kvaabon Khilaunon Kii Jaagiir Apanii
Na Duniyaa Kaa Gam Thaa Na Rishton Ke Bandhan
Badii Khuubasuurat Thii Vo Zindagaanii……………….


Anonymous said...

great......!! rem my own childhood...hey...alls not lost yet tho...cherish the thots n memories..we grow young..old..but the memories nevah fade...

arc said...

great......!! rem my own childhood...hey...alls not lost yet tho...cherish the thots n memories..we grow young..old..but the memories nevah fade...

rahul said...

after reading his article it struck me that those were the best days of any persons life,i really wish that after reading this article you guys will feel the same

Hari said...

U remind me the famous words og the poet Wordsworth,

What is this life that is full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare,
No time to stand beneath the boughs and stare as long as sheep or cows,

But the takeaway is Whatever we may do we can still remain a child at heart :)

Keep writing !!!!

Said said...

Thanks God there are people like you... can keep inside him many big and beautiful feelings (same as your body size).
People like you make belive that our world will be a better place someday..

Nirav said...

bole to apne pass bhi cycle thaa...and yes...the colony was built on a morgue & ghosts did exist...keep blogging.

Pranay said...

dis is gr8 observation sanket...also very beautifully put down.
this articl also focusses on d gud old way hich puts down as the sands of time teaches us a lesson,dat d old days will nevr return so enjoy what is at hand coz rememberin it in futur will definitly roll dwn tears.
grt work buddy...

Vivek said...

I can't say anything other than this..,

kicking.and.screaming said...

Sigh, but I loved this! Just the kind of nostalgic sentimental stuff I wish I could write but cant seem to be able to.