Sunday, May 10, 2009


On time’s canvas since strokes primitive,
A virtue mesmerizing has been fugitive,

Pursued vehemently through the jamboree, Rendezvoused fleetingly at time’s poignant gore.

Intellectual’s darling muse for centuries,
Rich man’s eluding prey say social jury,
Poor man’s keep, treated with apathy,
Hermit’s comrade on the path to sanity.

The nectar trickling off a full bloomed mind,
Whilst perceptions and reality are slickly aligned.
Emotions are felt and not dwelled over,
Cliff of attachment surmounted like a rover,

Peace of mind, the virtue eventual,
Peace of mind, the jewel psychological,
Peace of mind can be found amidst war,
Peace of mind can be lost below altar.

Ecstasy is by everyone sought, Consummate it’s not till the absence of thoughts.

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Salil Mirashi said...

If intoxication is what you are looking for.....the poem is this!!