Friday, May 8, 2009

Esoteric Agnostic

Amongst all the abstractions here,
Spirituality is the populace’s dear.
Mystic traits and verses to Him they allot,
In the time’s womb they grunter a lot.
Some bid for treasures, some bid to be famed,
Some to shadow their silhouettes
Of which their conscience is ashamed.
Some whine for more, some offer gratitude
Some talk to Him whilst some derive fortitude.
Some divide Him with religions, some milk Him with diligence ,
Some pray with resistance whilst some question His existence.

Bemused by the trait once the clergy asked, Why such trait did Thou impart?
He smiled and said nay not me,
It’s your judgment which tends to flee.

He who sweats by the brow to earn his bread,
He who indulges in a fair trade ,
He who plays a game or two ,
Chats in the evening with a pal or two ,
He whose memory isn’t decaying long ,
And he who choirs nicely in the nature’s song,
Seldom finds time to talk to Me,
Neither is elated on debates on Me .

Believer or Atheist whatever he may be
Specimen such is dearest to Me.


Dragon said...

sexy macchha
i was thinking that u lies about all vedanta and philosophy now really i come to know the power of u ............ sorry for the misunderstanding u am feeling that am great that i spent some time with u ... thanks alot for ur friendship and dont forghet me ever

Dragon said...

I think u dint get me ...........
Abhi from Wipro