Friday, July 10, 2009

Time for Love

A tribe of my own,
In a battle fierce,
In a hostile town,
On a full moon night.

Me and my woman,
Atop my armored tank,
Amidst dust and blood,
Amidst the war cries.

Blood trickling off me,
Painting the white red,
Flower of friendship
That I have to offer.

Our eyes meet,
And the last tribesman falls,
Love fills the air,
Their war cries elate.

Her tender face I take,
In my tattered palms,
My eyes kiss her lips.
Its time to make love.

I throw away my guns,
Undress from my armors,
Lift a sword of steel
And run towards them...

Midway on the prowl,
I look back at her,
with a wicked smile,
I yell aloud "Untill death"
(Title, courtesy Salil Mirashi)

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