Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blog guide

For those who drop by to read, I write on 3 blogs. - You are currently on this blog.All my poems,articles,essays mostly in english and ocasionally in Marathi and Hindi go here. - This blog holds quotations churned up by my grey matter and stories on life's philosophy. - This space is exclusively dedicated for poems with spiritual/philosophical themes. These poems float in the eternal source of life,the most precious substance - water; take a look
All the material on my blog springs from my cranium ,wherever it is inspired from external sources the mention goes in the title itself.
Feel free to use/quote/refer for non commercial purposes, but be kind enough to acknowledge
For commercial purposes key in a comment seeking approval for the piece.I will reply in positive within 12 hours.
Ahhh it feels great writing such things especially the stuff between dotted lines.Its an ego massage.

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