Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quotations by Sanket

16."Faith when cornered by despondency if not practiced wisely can turn into insanity."

17.The first university was started by a non-graduate.

18. Today sanity and insanity is just a question of majority.

19. Amongst the fuckers a virgin is a sinner.

20. If you find yourself amongst hundred morons, rebel, else there are hundred and one.

21.Justice is against the laws,laws of nature.

22.Till the day humans decide fate of humans judiciary will be mockery.

23.We are vague.

24.When you find life disgusting just check, you could be enlightened

25.Enlightenment is relative.

26.Some pimps and prostitutes know their rates, the rest pursue different professions.

27.Those who survive education get educated.

28.Activity is laziness in practicing laziness.

29.If you think you know, you dont.

30.Morals,ethics and values were designed to cover up timidity.

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Rahul Parab said...

Lovely quotes man..esp liked the laziness and virgin one :)