Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Consider a region occupied by 300 citizens. Hundred and fifty do not vote. Out of the remaining 150, votes are divided amongst five representative candidates at an average of 30 votes per candidate. Some candidates get 25 while the some get 35. The one with 38 wins. The remaining hundred and twelve do not want this candidate in power yet he wins.
38 is a majority in 300.

Two hundred and seventy three seats to claim rule. Mostly coalition chemistry presides. “Plump Ministries” is what the negotiations take over. (I could be wrong, may be the parties are interested in certain portfolios because they know their candidates are best suited for the job because of their qualifications,expertise,experience,etc. hahahaha...ahem )

On the way to become one of the largest economies on the globe. A 2007 report found that 77%, or 836 million people, lived on less than 20 rupees. Ten crore is the number of people unemployed. Let’s put ourselves in a perspective. Out of hundred crores only two crores are those whom you see swiping cards, starching collars, wearing ties and polishing the illusion that we are competing all the west and are almost there.

Hatred is common and eager. With the same intensity it stings people from rival part of the states, rival states, rival ethnicities, and rival philosophies. Also, it is generously showered on politicians, govt. employees and “system”. So many servings leave little for those anti national entities which truly deserve attention.

A neighborhood kid who was frail at a time looks like a muscular bully now. The muscular bully who always existed has become a global force to reckon with. Our two powerful allies have displayed their trustworthiness time and again. Are we in a position to choose?

Our Fundamental rights.( Read, introspect and think.)
All citizens shall have the right-
• To freedom of speech and expression;
• To assemble peaceably and without arms;
• To form associations or unions;
• To move freely throughout the territory of India;
• To reside and settle in any part of the territory of India;
• To practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business.
How many… (Do I need to complete my question?)

Am a common man, I have put forth my views, displayed “out of the box- cliché” thought process, my knowledge and a sense of disgust. I will now watch television, then have my lunch and take an afternoon nap on this welcome holiday. There are more like me, millions more, the Public from the word rePublic.


Anonymous said...

Is a worth to read but I have a simple question......

why do we always think about rights? what about the duties then?

We expect more than what we deserve isn't it?

Sanket said...

Thanks for the read friend :-)

Yes you are right,thats what is being conveyed,apathy consumes the masses.Duties and rights both evaporate in ignorance.

Vivek said...

Hey Sanketh...
This article is good..
I suggest you a topic to right "1990 Kashmir Terror"
Just get the info and write in your way hoping for your article on that...

Sanket said...

Hey Vivek buddy nice to hear from you, thanks for the read.Will surely write one on that subject within the coming month.