Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sorry cronies couldn’t churn up stuff anywhere recently as am hibernating. The chances of an article turning up before May look thin. I will make up for the Feb-March promises in May.
Well recently someone starred at me with awestruck eyes when I told them about my hibernation endeavor. My Hibernation generally coincides with an examination, vacation or some equally important venture. Well a few years ago too a couple of mates have wholesomely appreciated my effort of seclusion so will leave you fellows with tips on good hibernation schedule till I return in May with my ramblings and a surprise!!!

Let us define hibernation. Hibernation is a period dedicated to the introduction of the estranged self to the soul. We have thoughts and the collection of these thoughts over a period of time becomes “Me” or “I” i.e. the projected identification of one’s self in one’s mind. Let me simplify with the example. Sometimes in the bed as we browse through the occurrences of the day both pleasant and unpleasant, we see ourselves along with the others. Based on the pleasure or pain coefficient of the incidence we either are happy with “ourselves”, sad with “ourselves”, angry at “ourselves”. As students when we schedule our studies or as executives when we schedule our work before an audit /deadline or exam, we are aware of “our” capacity to stick to schedule. This “ourselves” or “our” is the “Me” or “I” that I was referring to earlier.

The collection of thoughts that make this “Me” or “I” is nothing but the collection of reactions, responses, opinions, advices and gyan pumped in through various channels by various individuals. Thus the original simple “Me” or “I” (remember your childhood) becomes a complex, corrupted “Me” or “I”. Just like a clean window pane is necessary to enjoy the scenic pleasures of nature, a clean “Me” or “I” is necessary to enjoy the pleasures of life. Disconnecting from the sources of corruption helps one erase the marshy chunks of thoughts and landmarks in the memory lanes which source them, thus rejuvenating the soul. A hibernation of sufficient duration also may help tune perspectives afresh and drain negativity clogged over the period. Negativity is relative.

Here’s how to implement a good hibernation.

Disconnect from the circuit: Switch off your cell phones, telephones, messengers, computers and all the communication devices at your disposal.

Implement without informing: Decision to inform each and every person on your communication list puts the venture into jeopardy. Do it the moment you decide. May be send a group mail or message but don’t wait for the reply.

Put your concerns at the back burner: Drop your apprehensions about that file with your colleague, that submission which was due or whatsoever. These things are to be concealed pre hibernation during the planning phase. Hibernation should be irreversible otherwise it becomes a vacation and doesn’t rejuvenate your soul.

Keep contact with the people to the minimum.

See the world during time slots which you haven’t seen lately, like taking a stroll in the afternoon.Travelling across the city early in the morning or late at night. It helps you get rid of the “used to” images of the things around and helps you develop a fresh perspective.

Take a look at the world from different views, well, literally. Go to the terraces of buildings. Watch the roads from flyovers or skywalks. Sit below a tree and sip nice tangy cold drink. Buy confectionaries of different flavors and relish them slowly.

Buy comics which you cherished in your childhood and read them, slowly, a page at a time, at a pace which allows you to enjoy them. Do some gardening or maintain that fish tank that’s been lying on the loft since ages.

Buy a yoyo or a bonky ball and play alone with it. Locate a pup in your locality and feed it with milk and biscuits, play with it. Draw sketches on books and paint them. Watch afternoon shows and cartoon films. Just loathe around. Buy fruits from the guava vendor outside the schools with salt and spice rubbed on to it (Don’t know the name of the fruit, but the one along with the picture for this article is my favorite)

All this makes you forget “yourself”. Something what a good sleep does to you. Now rewrite the definitions and perceptions or just log back in to the nonsense.

Happy Hibernating!! See you guys in May.

P.S When you are in love, develop a communication channel exclusively for that special person, an alternate number, a different mail id etc. ….ahem.

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