Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fatal Flaws

My limited knowledge on this issue:
In 1984 Union Carbide , a multinational , one amongst the few that existed on Indian soil then, to maximize its earnings compromised on the regulations meant to ensure safety of the people in the vicinity. Considering the systems which were prevalent then (not that much has changed now) it must have been cakewalk for the management of Union Carbide to “buy out” the machinery to ignore the lapses in the mandatory safety standards to be maintained by companies which deal with such toxic materials. Also “managing” the disaster wasn't a tough job after the accident took place with every opportunist in the government machinery utilizing the fiasco to his/her benefit as the esteemed guilty buttered the system to ensure a smooth exit.

The onus:
The corrupt executive machinery of the government , thick skinned politicians and even the judiciary is to be blamed for this mess as much as the villainous management of Union Carbide.

Everyone knows this , probably more than I do, and is evident across newspapers and various channels on the idiot box so why is the blog space being lent for something that has been chewed so many times since the verdict was out?

The media:
Media, one of the pillars of democracy. It's power has been evident in cases like Jesica lal and Ruchika. Now the correctness of the power that they possess, unleash and its implications in a democratic system is another topic of discussion altogether; however why did the media not raise this issue all these years. Even considering that the revolution in the tele media occurred much later , the print media didn't leverage the matter either. Post the revolution in the tele media how many times has this issue been raised with so much thrust as it is being now? Even considering that the verdict was awaited, how many times was the issue given footage on the basis of the disgusting delay in delivery of justice. Also it will be interesting to note for how many days the issue stays alive as live bytes because, here there wont be any instant justice like in the relatively simple cases with clear deliverables indicating victory. The case is a complex one and needs taking on the ENTIRE system head on and the deliverables here are not simple but may come in all shapes and sizes from amending legislation to prevent further Bhopals to ensuring heavy penalties on the people held responsible and providing heavy compensations to the victims and their kin. Moreover here there is no singular face for the “bad guys” which will make an 'engrossing' telecast. Even if certain faces are short listed it is difficult legally to take them to task. Lets hope the list of opportunists doesn't swell by one more and the issue is taken to its logical end.

The future:
With technologies like nuclear power generation visible in near future and multinationals and global forces an integral part of the country's development plan a question will soon weigh more than before Do we beg for development or are we confident to choose development?

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