Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A few days ago a self righteous crusader gained national attention as he gave up food until the government bowed down and accepted his demands. The internet class flaunted their social networking muscles as they supported the cause. Soon, with a little assistance from the pristine & godly media the nation was in frenzy. The country seemed to be on the verge of a revolution.

In one of the gullies, a group of 4 revolutionaries are on their way to the local hub of revolution which is adorned by bright lights and attended by few emissaries of the lord himself with their powerful machines capturing each and every event to be telecast as “Breaking News” the modern day version of “Akashwani” in between commercials ranging from alcohols camouflaged as music cds to fairness creams promising a bleach for your melanin rich leather.

It’s almost dinner time as the revolutionaries pace up towards the prime time jamboree. This being a customized revolution, the timings are tailored to suit the working hours of the revolutionaries. History is unraveling here. The first revolutionary opens his mouth “Just downloaded the draft of the bill, will forward it to you guys tomorrow. By the way also got the latest chartbusters from songs.pakistan, let me know who is interested will attach them along too.” The second revolutionary blurts “Not me for sure, nowadays they track my data usage after I downloaded a gb of porn using the wireless internet my office provides me” The third revolutionary “how am I looking? I am sporting this new khadi look it would look cool if they question me on cam. See this, my new baby, it is 12 mega pixels. Got to click lots of stuff today and put up on my social networking page. My image has fallen since the time they discovered my project presentation was plagiarized”

The fourth revolutionary, a relatively older male yells “Will you stop all this nonsense? Do you understand the gravity of the situation? An old man is hungry for us. He is fighting the corrupt for a better society. These corrupt need to be fed to dogs. Introspect and see how much of corruption you yourself indulge in.” the other three are silent, suddenly the older revolutionary’s cell phone rings “Hello, ya, ya, no I want the front facing else let it be will find another one. Ok, ok, hmm fine how much 40 – 60 ? Ok. No not possible in this week, will meet in the next. Yes sure, you have my token already. Yes. Ok, thank you hahaha, chalo there’s lot of noise here will call you tomorrow. And thank you so much, good night”.

The group of revolutionaries joins a bigger group as the gully meets the main road. One of the many asks his comrade in hushed voice “Did you view one of the God’s telecast airing corruption charges on the crusader himself and on his team mates in the committee?” The comrade replies “Shh, its ok, it’s just a paltry amount and let law take its own course, those could be mere allegations, not proven yet except in the crusader’s case” “But wasn’t that the same thing the government was repeating and the crusader disposing in the case of ministers?” the first one asks. “Now shut up and just enjoy” the comrade replies. A loud cry pierces the noise “Inquilab zindabad”

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Vrushali said...

Dude,why have u stopped writing? We are waiting for your fresh tinctured anecdotes!